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Adjustment of the product type without a programmer

To run Product Ads, as you know, the main thing is to form a product feed by a programmer in the form of a link

And it happens that after the launch of ads come out such non-critical, but not pleasant things, in this case, the unnecessary phrase "About the bike" in the description of the product.

Asking a programmer to redo a feed is a lot of time spent.

However, you can fix this yourself in the Merchant Center using the Feed Feature Settings feature

So, Step 1. Go to the section Goods - Feeds - Feed conversion rules

We need to adjust the Description (description) of the product, select the appropriate attribute. Click on "+" and look for "description"

Then on the page click on "Specify values" and again specify "description"

We need the bot to find the phrase "About the bike" in the description and replace it with a space (ie just delete it).

In the Conversion Rules section, click Find and Replace.

In the Find window, specify the phrase "About the bike" and in the Replace with window, put a space. Click Add and OK

Almost everything, click on the top to save the project

You can now Test the project and click Apply

We are waiting for several hours. Voila, we have a normal description

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